hand sanitizer stand in Canada

Why the WHO Thinks Hand Sanitizer Stations Are Better Than Hand Sanitizer Stands

In light of almost a year of COVID-19, the governments and businesses have become much more familiar with the hygiene and sanitation standards that need to be met. But like a vaccine for the virus, more work needs to be done. The World Health Organization recently outlined a report breaking down the importance of hand sanitizing resources. In fact, the report discussed the ways in which hand sanitizing stations are significantly superior to hand sanitizing stands. If your business currently uses a hand sanitizer stand in Canada, here are a few of the reasons why you should make the upgrade to a station.

Improved Accessibility

Not all patrons or staff will be able to use standard-sized sanitizer stands based on their mobility requirements. Accessibility in this case refers to both the height of the dispenser as well as its sturdiness. Some folks may need to lean on the dispenser in order to administer the hand sanitizer. A thin stand may not be able to provide the support needed for these individuals. If a hand sanitizer stand dispenser is currently being used at your place of business, you may want to introduce ones with varying heights and enhanced support.

Limited to One Dispenser

One of the greatest benefits of incorporating a hand sanitizer station, according to the WHO, is the number of dispensers available. Having three of four dispensers increases the number of people who can sanitize their hands at a time. This may significantly reduce queue times for various services. Installing multiple single stand dispensers would produce the same effect. With multiple Purell hand sanitizer stands, you should also be able to increase the number of dispensers without taking up a lot of space.

Next Steps for Upgrading Your Sanitizer Needs

You don’t have to buy a hand sanitizing station in order to get one. Using your existing Purell hand sanitizer dispenser, you can upgrade your hand sanitizer stand from Canada into a fully-fledged station through basic assembly. That said, it is important to note that stations are a benchmark, not a standard. Many stores and clinics continue to use their hand sanitizer stand dispenser to great effect. But it’s always good to know how you can improve your store’s hygiene and accessibility by turning your hand sanitizer stand into a hand sanitizer station. To get your own hand sanitizer dispenser, visit Roy Turk Industrial Sales today.