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Why Is Pressure Required to Clean Concrete Surfaces?

To get a concrete surface, like your driveway, truly clean requires the power of a pressure washer. Other methods might remove some grime, but only a pressure washing machine will give it that looks-like-new deep-clean that you want. To do the job correctly requires the right tools, like a Dynablast pressure washer. It also requires the right preparation.

Surface Preparation

Before you pull out the pressure washer, you need to do a bit of pre-cleaning first. Using either a broom or a blower, sweep the surface of any soil or dirt. Remove larger debris that could cause issues such as scratches or gouges if pushed by a high-powered pressure washer, and pull out any grass or weeds that may have grown through the cracks.

The result will be a tidier look that allows you to get deep into the cracks for a better clean.

Rent or buy

If you don’t already have a pressure washer, you’ve got a few options. You could rent, borrow, or buy. If a friend or neighbour has a power washer, this is the most cost-effective option, but this can also present problems. Is the machine in proper working order? Does it have the functions you require, such as adjustable pressure? Are you familiar with how it works if there is no manual? Answering no to any of these could be a reason not to borrow.

If you’re considering renting, be sure the machine has all the features you require. Ask questions and make sure you understand how it operates before leaving the rental location.

When looking for a pressure washer for sale, you have options between home-use models or a commercial pressure washer. A commercial unit will be better built and better suited to heavy-duty jobs.

Pressure washing concrete

Concrete surfaces like driveways and garage floors see a lot of abuse. There will be dirt, grime, and various vehicle fluids, like oil, as well as possibly moss or mold.

All of these things require a deeper cleaning than a scrub brush can provide, which is why a tool like a Dynablast pressure washer is ideal. So if browsing the want-ads for a pressure washer for sale has made you the proud new owner of a commercial pressure washer, you’re ready to get started.

Be sure to use a cleaning agent, like soap or detergent, to see the best possible clean from your power washer. The machine can be used at any temperature above freezing, but the job is more pleasant in weather warm enough to wear a t-shirt.

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