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Why Autumn Cleaning is More Beneficial Than Spring Cleaning

Most people don’t realize just how important autumn cleaning is to your home. When fall rolls around, so does the cold weather. The cold weather brings different viruses that can make you and your family. Due to the rising temperatures in Spring, you are less likely to catch a virus. Conducting a thorough “Falling cleaning” is a smart way to make your home more inviting and more sanitary during the colder months. Having a high-quality commercial vacuum cleaner is just what you need to deep clean any carpets before winter. This article highlights the areas in your home you should focus on while conducting your Fall cleaning.

1. Deep Clean Carpets

Deep cleaning your carpets is one of the most important parts of autumn cleaning. During the spring and summer months, your carpets would have come in contact with a lot of dirt and dust. If you have pets, fleas may have fallen into the carpet, which is where they will rest over the winter. You should try cleaning your carpet now before it starts to snow. A deep shampoo with a great carpet cleaner vacuum is the perfect tool to ensure your carpet will remain hygienic during colder temperatures.

2. Clean High-Traffic Areas Regularly

High-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens need to be taken care of during the fall and winter. Throughout the colder months, you’re most likely going to have family over several times for special occasions. The more people you have over, the dirtier these areas will become. Wet shoes will also leave hallways an absolute disaster.

To avoid these messes, try using a commercial vacuum cleaner or a mop to clean the floors and stairs. You should wipe down all door knobs, drawer handles, and coat hooks as these are the areas touched most frequently by guests.

3. Clean Your Radiators and Vents

Radiators and vents are often some of the most overlooked parts of a house when it comes to cleaning. Dusty radiators are bad for your health and can lead to things like allergies and asthma. Plus, they can also contribute to catching colds. Try to wipe down your radiator at least once before the weather gets cold. You can do this by using a damp cloth. Never just dust the radiator with a duster.

Roy Turk Industrial Sales has commercial floor cleaning machines that are designed to get your floors clean the first time. These are essential tools when doing any spring or autumn cleaning in your home. With wet/dry and dry vacuums available, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to help your hard floors shine and your carpets stay fresh. Call us today to check for more information on our products.