Social Distance Label

Why are Social Distancing Stickers Important?

As workers head back to the office, it’s crucial to maintain adequate physical distancing as much as possible. Businesses are always looking for ways of protecting customers and workers from any possible infections or contaminations that may come their way during business hours. This is when many employers feel the need for plexiglass sneeze guards in Canada.

Perhaps you understand the need for a plexiglass sneeze guard, but do you know about social distancing floor stickers in Canada?

Having social distancing floor stickers helps prevent people from coming in contact with each other, which can help reduce the spread of disease and provide a way for businesses to promote their hygiene policies and procedures.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers: How They Save Lives and Prevent Disease Outbreaks

These are one of the most effective public health strategies that save lives and help prevent disease outbreaks caused by COVID-19.

You can place decals or stickers on the floor in strategic locations like hallways, elevators, stairwells, and other places where people are more likely to congregate. These signs will at least keep some people away from you while you wait for an elevator or try to get into that tight hallway that’s just too crowded.

These stickers provide a visual cue that discourages even uneducated people about how these diseases spread. Because they look so much like the regular exit signs, it provides an immediate signal of what is required. Simply providing information in a clear, gentle manner helps prevent disease outbreaks before they happen.

Social Distance to Prevent the Spread of Disease

If you live in the country, plan to travel abroad, or come home from a trip, you should check with your doctor for guidance about getting vaccines.

Some diseases will require you to keep away from others for a specific period after exposure; please note that this article does not cover all possible scenarios, so it is advised to do further research before making any decisions.

The general rule of thumb is to stay about 6 feet away from others. Some diseases can be spread by touch and fluids – if you think about the way a cold works, it’s easy to understand why we must keep at a distance from others at this time.

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