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Which Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Should You Buy?

In high traffic areas, carpets get dirty enough that only the strongest carpet cleaning products can get them clean. However, choosing the best possible products can be more difficult than you might imagine. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the best cleaning products for your business.

Some Will Do More Harm Than Good

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning chemicals, not all products are created equal. Be sure to take time to look at the ingredients in any cleaning product before you purchase it. No matter which chemical you choose, be sure that your cleaning plan includes thoroughly washing the carpet to remove chemical residue before you finish.

The best possible products, especially for commercial spaces, will help to reduce allergens in the air rather than adding to the problem. Keep in mind that in traffic areas, many people with varying levels of sensitivities to chemicals and odors will be going through the area.

Sometimes Less is Better

When choosing the best cleaners for your company, make sure that you’re picking one that is high quality and will get the job done. Choosing multiple carpet cleaning products might cause you more problems. Some chemicals won’t work well together, which can stop your cleaning progress. In other cases, you might be using multiple products that have similar results, which means you’ll be wasting time and money each time you clean.

Know Your Needs

The amount of cleaning products available to commercial cleaners can be overwhelming. Before you even begin shopping, be sure to take the time to decide exactly what you’re looking for. What problems will you need to address? Does your equipment require specific products? Will the products make your cleaning tasks easier?

The products you choose will depend on your unique cleaning needs, the ingredients you feel comfortable with using, your budget, and the equipment you’ll be using the products with.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Products

  • Spotting Solution – designed for spot cleaning, to handle stains and odors, soon after they hit the carpet
  • Pre-Spotter – for stains that are set in, pre-spotter can lift substances before going over the carpet with another product to get it clean
  • Extraction Detergent – breaks down substances to allow for them to more easily be pulled from the carpet
  • Deodorizer – just as the name says, these products neutralize odors in carpet
    Carpet Shampoo – gets deep into carpet fibers to pull up built up dirt and grime to be lifted from the carpet surface

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