Hose Reel

What You Need to Know About Your Washer Hose Reel?

Power washers are a godsend when working on home improvement projects. They eliminate the effort and pain of chores like cleaning up that are bound to pile up. Washing cars, cleaning sidewalks or decks of paint and grime, or removing unwanted guests like moss and algae are some examples of when power washers will save huge amounts of time and effort. But a lot goes into knowing how to work your way around a pressure washer hose reel.

Knowing how to work the switch is not enough. It’s important to know the hose and reels’ time cycle and when the appropriate time to replace them is. Another essential piece of knowledge is knowing what is going to be the adequate water supply for a pressure washer hose.

Some questions that are commonly asked and are important to answer are:

  • What is the ideal way to store a pressure washer hose?
  • Are air hose reel a good substitute for a pressure washer hose?
  • Does the length of the pressure washer hose reel affect the pressure in the hose?
  • What’s the best choice for a garden hose reel?

Let’s answer these one by one.

The Ideal Storage

Hose reels are very effective when it comes to storage as the flexible tubing allows for maximum compactness and reduction of storage space. Reels should be hung up on a wall or against any stationary surface to avoid movement.

Often, a pressure washer hose will often come with an additional, complementary hose that can be used as a replacement.

Air Hose Reels for Pressure Washer

An air hose reel normally will be able to substitute pressure washers. A special type of hose reel can carry two different types of nozzles that allow for the switch between air hose reel and pressure washers.

Length VS Pressure

Contrary to the popular misconception, longer hoses do not equal weaker pressure. Instead, a super long hose of over fifty feet and a high-pressure nozzle can cause a loss of power. This loss of power occurs as the water is unable to travel as fast through a long hose. High-pressure hoses depend on choosing an adequate water supply.

Making the Best Choice

There are many factors to consider. Some are the required water capacity, the weight of it, and whether the hose will need to be reeled back in. Answering these questions will help point to the correct choice for a garden hose.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

An important part of the maintenance includes keeping the nozzle, hose, and gun of the pressure washer hose reel gun clean. This can be done by using a pressure washer spray detergent. Storing the pressure washers correctly is essential to its maintenance as well. Turn off when not in use and store in dry locations.

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