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What Are the Uses of Hot Water Pressure Washers

We at Roy Turk Industrial Sales LTD understand that not all pressure washers are built to the same standards. Some have more capabilities than others, while some are built with better craftsmanship. Regardless, one thing is true; hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers are different. Most people are familiar with cold water pressure washers but are not as knowledgeable about the basics of hot water pressure washers.

Elements of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are the perfect tool for removing caked on grease and grime. Despite how effective they are, most people know very little about them. Basically, there are 3 main aspects to a hot water pressure washer: heat, agitation, and soap. These components combine to give you an easy and effective way to clean a wide variety of surfaces.

Heat is obviously an important aspect of a hot water pressure washer. As the temperature rises, the cleaning agent in the hot water pressure washer becomes stronger and stronger. This allows it to destroy baked on build up from practically any surface.

Agitation is also extremely important for the cleaning process. The agitation is created as the pressurized water makes contact with the dirt. As this happens, dirt’s grip becomes looser and looser until it can no longer stay on the surface.

The soap is the final element of hot water pressure washers. The soap (sometimes called detergent) also helps loosen the grip of the dirt, grease, or whatever is being removed. Hot water pressure washer soap has a softening agent in it called surfactants. Surfactants are used to emulsify the dirt. Emulsification is when two liquids that previously repelled each other, mix together.

When To Use a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Take it from the experts at Roy Turks Industrial Sales LTD, hot water pressure washers are the perfect tool for cleaning a number of different items. Karcher hot water pressure washers are great for cleaning grease out of old engines, automotive parts, bike parts, or dirty machinery. If you work in a field or industry that is constantly cleaning items like these, a hot water pressure washer might have to be your next investment.


In comparison to a traditional cold water pressure washer, a hot water pressure washer is much more expensive. Depending on the brand, quality, and model a Karcher hot water pressure washer can cost almost twice as much as its cold water relative.

Although they may seem complicated at first, hot water pressure washers are not much different than cold water pressure washers. They use very similar technology and perform a similar task. For more information on hot water pressure washers, feel free to contact the experts at Roy Turk Industrial Sales LTD.