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Use of Pressure Washers In The Food Processing Industry

Pressure washers are important cleaning tools used in the food processing industry. They influence the quality of the product that reaches the customer and also the standards by which customers remember the business’s products. Here are some of the uses of a commercial pressure washer in the food processing industry.

Faster Cleaning With Higher Temperatures

A commercial pressure washer helps get rid of grease. Any food processing plant witnesses an enormous amount of grease as fats and oils are used in almost every other food. For this reason, using a hot-water pressure washer can help clean these greasy surfaces. The heat produced easily removes the grease and makes it easier for the water to remove the greasy substances from the surfaces. Hot water pressure washers are known for quickly drying surfaces. The relative drying time compared to the cold water pressure washer is less, hence reducing cleaning time. This leaves more time for the machine to be productive.

Disinfection Tool

Industrial high-pressure washers for sale are a great disinfection tool. Low-pressure settings of approximately 200 and 500 psi are ideal for the pressure washer. The greasy substances, which often contain infectious particles, are dislodged at high pressures and become airborne. While airborne, they may travel to other parts of the plant where employees may not wear their productive gear. The infectious particles in the air may be hazardous to their health; hence it’s best to operate the machine at a lower pressure to sterilize the equipment.

Pressure Washers Can Be Used In Different Settings

Pressure washers come in three types: electricity, diesel, and gas. The industry is shifting towards electric-powered pressure washers because they’re light, and there’s no risk of contamination of the food substances being processed in the plant. Not only does it minimize air pollution, but it also reduces noise pollution, commonly experienced with diesel-powered and gas-powered pressure washers. For portability purposes, it’s best to mount the pressure on wheels to help the cleaner focus on cleaning the surfaces instead of struggling with carrying them around the premises.

Maintaining Hygiene Standards Using Standard Detergents

The right detergent combined with the right temperatures will successfully deal with the microorganisms that could threaten the integrity of the food processing process or even result in customer complaints. No one wants angry customers. Also, the detergent must be of a certain quality for it to be used in a food plant. It needs to meet the quality standards of CEPA, NSF, and Health Canada for it to be used in the plant.


All of the above factors are crucial to a safe and hygienic food processing plant. Compromising on the above factors may result in customer complaints that can impact the business. To learn more about commercial pressure washers for sale, visit Roy Turk.

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