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The Importance of Floor Cleaning in the Medical Industry

Especially in the pandemic era, the medical industry is having to ramp up its cleaning measures to keep surroundings in optimal shape for patients and themselves. Among those measures is the cleaning of floors. In the medical industry, cleaning is vital to help prevent diseases or germs from spreading in an environment where the safety and health of everyone involved are paramount.

To perform this as best as possible, a floor scrubber machine is required for hospitals and other facilities looking to protect their patients and employees daily. A scrubber covers multiple bases and can also reduce cleaning expenses for these facilities. Here’s why you need to invest in a commercial floor scrubber if you haven’t already.

You Save Your Patients By Using It

By investing in a floor scrubber machine, you’re literally saving lives. Poor cleaning can lead to more germ exposure, which can weaken the immune systems of patients, putting those who are already immunocompromised at greater risk. Using this machine to treat a spot where there is bacteria build-up can prevent this spread from accelerating.

Bacteria such as Clostridium difficile are resilient against disinfectants, remaining on floors for as long as five months. This type of bacteria can affect the colon and is hard to reach, necessitating the use of a commercial floor scrubber machine.

It Also Minimizes Healthcare Infections (HCIs)

A commercial floor scrubber saves janitorial staff and anyone else responsible for cleaning in a medical facility from using ineffective mops and disinfectant cleaners to try and clean serious levels of bacteria. The scrubber does a thorough job on hard-floor surfaces and is ideal for situations where infected fluids cover floors, and you want something that prevents you from using something like a mop or soft tool to wipe it up. Especially if you’re a small practice, you should consider investing in one.

A Scrubber Saves You Additional Expenses

Failure to use a floor scrubber machine in such situations can lead to unexpected cleaning costs that could be utilized in other areas of your medical facility. For healthcare administrators, they’ve had to handle huge costs, in some cases as much as a billion dollars, because they didn’t sterilize their floor properly. It also opens up these administrators to potential lawsuits, including wrongful death suits. This can lead to even bigger expenses as well as a significant hit to the facility or practice’s reputation. Cleaning may seem simple, but it requires strong attention to detail, especially when you’re caring for people.

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