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The Benefits of Multipurpose Cleaners

Choosing the disinfectants you use to clean your facility can be an unnecessarily difficult process. Each cleaning product has their own benefits and drawbacks. Introducing the wrong cleaning product, or too many, can put the health of your employees and cleaning staff at risk. To safely improve the cleanliness of your building, you should buy a disinfectant cleaner that isn’t one-dimensional. Learn why multipurpose cleaners minimize risk and maximize cleaning.

Eliminates the Risks Associated with Multiple Disinfectants

Cleanliness should never come at the price of employee safety. When companies employ the use of multiple disinfectants, they burden themselves with a collection of unnecessary risks. Most business owners don’t know that multiple disinfectants can actually be hazardous to employees and equipment. As tempting as it is to incorporate a variety of industrial disinfectant cleaners into your custodial arsenal, it may pose serious health risks to their users. The greatest danger of multiple cleaners is the risk of improper mixing.

If disinfectants are improperly mixed or diluted, it may threaten the cleaning staff’s health and safety. This is because certain chemicals can become hazardous when used in certain conditions. The likelihood that cleaners are improperly mixed depends on the number of disinfectants available. Fewer disinfectant products means less risk. By only using one cleaner, you eliminate that risk entirely. A multipurpose cleaner provides the effectiveness of multiple disinfectants without the danger.

Simplifies the Cleaning Process

Buying and restocking cleaning supplies for multiple products is cumbersome and unnecessary. With multipurpose cleaners, you can save time and money on your business’s cleaning efforts. Similarly, a multipurpose cleaner removes the costs associated with complex, multi-disinfectant programs.

Using multiple disinfectants can create confusion and lead to increased health and safety risks. These types of programs are complex because they require more in-depth training for their cleaning staff. Even with the training, complex cleaning programs increase the chances of human error. When handled incorrectly, these products could result in adverse health effects, equipment damages, and general corrosion. Multipurpose cleaners also come in both liquid and wipe formats to optimize applications.

How to Get a Multipurpose Cleaner

Finding a multipurpose disinfectant cleaner in Canada isn’t difficult if you know where to look. If you’re looking to buy a disinfectant cleaner that reduces safety risks and eliminates complexity, you should check out Roy Turk extensive list of multipurpose cleaners today. Buying industrial disinfectant cleaners has never been easier.