Sustainability in Office Restrooms

Building Managers of large buildings will very likely have sustainability as a top priority and many may be considering pursuing a green building certification. In fact, there is a lot to consider as a Building Manager when developing your building’s sustainable strategy.

At Kimberly-Clark Professional*, we understand that sustainability in and out of the restroom will always be one of the key ways to attract and retain the best tenants. While stricter government regulation may ultimately make green buildings the de facto standard for new and renovated buildings in the future, customer demand is the primary reason why green buildings are becoming mainstream in today’s Class A commercial real estate market.

Our commitment to making your business more sustainable starts with the products we make. That’s why we continually work to reduce the environmental impact of our products at all stages of the lifecycle — from raw materials through ultimate disposal.

Through the newly launched C.H.E.S.S.* Program by Kimberly-Clark Professional*, not only do we hope to drive an even stronger emphasis on the importance of running sustainable, greener restrooms, we also aim to show you opportunities that can help you achieve your own sustainability goals.

Sustainability in the Restroom

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