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Selecting the Right Vacuum Cleaners for Commercial Spaces

The reputation of your establishment hinges on keeping it as clean as possible. A lot goes into keeping your place clean, but one of the most important elements of keeping your place clean is a quality vacuum cleaner. A proper vacuum cleaner can be the difference between having spotless floors, or having floors covered in debris. There are a few key types of vacuums and it’s important to decide which works best for your business – or if you’ll need more than one type.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re in the market for a commercial vacuum cleaner, odds are good that you’re planning to get an upright vacuum cleaner. They’re the more common type by far and are likely the kind that you and your employees have the most experience with. These vacuum cleaners can be fitted with two motors if required, and are the better choice as a carpet cleaner vacuum. The additional power enables them to get carpets clean to a satisfactory level quickly. They’re great for lobbies, classrooms, business, etc. They’re also the more common type of vacuum used in hospital cleanings because of their additional power. If you need to get every last bit of dust, this is the commercial vacuum cleaner of choice.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

A backpack vacuum offers a very different experience from an upright vacuum. If you’re looking for a commercial vacuum cleaner in Canada, it’s an option that you should really consider. Due to the more mobile nature of a backpack vacuum cleaner, it’s a great option for cleaning cubicles, classrooms and other cramped spaces. The backpack design enables the cleaner to handle tight spaces with relative ease. If you want a commercial vacuum cleaner then you have to ask yourself if portability is something you want to prioritize.

Wet/dry Vacuums

So far, most of the comparisons have been about mobility. If you’re concerned about the power of your commercial vacuum cleaner in Canada, then you need to consider investing in a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. As a carpet cleaner vacuum it performs exceptionally well, because it can handle both wet and dry messes. It’s the thing to look to if you really have to manage a stubborn stain. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the best choice for cleaning something like a construction site. They’re also great for renovations, removing moisture from school carpets and taking care of various industrial sites and the issues that arise there.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your business. You need to choose between upright and backpack. Both have their pros and cons, so there’s no real right answer. You also need to decide if you need a dry vacuum or if a wet/dry vacuum would work better for you. Check out our website to see the options for yourself and make an informed decision. Visit Roy Turk today.

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