Office Tenant Satisfaction

To a tenant (and to all of us really), the restroom is often more than a place to take care of physical necessities. It can represent a brief getaway – somewhere we can relax, refresh and clear our thoughts. We need to know that we’re heading to a clean, hygienic, comfortable and even inviting place to take that much-needed break.

By applying principles of psychology and anthropology to the restroom, we’ve learned how important it is to give visitors a sense of control. They need to feel that everything is in place, as it should be – that everything is okay.

Sixty percent of tenants say an unhygienic restroom lowers their opinion of the facility and indicates that management doesn’t care.1 Just what exactly do your customers think of the restrooms in your building? With it costing about $1.5 million to replace a tenant after losing one, it’s important to find out how a pristine restroom can get you greater client satisfaction and potentially increase revenue opportunities.

In buildings that use Kimberly-Clark Professional* restroom products, tenant satisfaction with restroom appearance and with restroom cleaning scored higher than the Kingsley Index across seven major U.S. cities.

Case Study

Tenant Satisfaction
in Southern California.