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Resolving Common Mistakes with Disinfection

Disinfectants are used in cleaning surfaces to get rid of bacterial and viral contamination that can spread illnesses. There is more to using a disinfectant cleaner in Canada than just spraying and wiping, especially in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other facilities.

Improper disinfection may be the result of a lack of trained personnel not reading labels and understanding the safety concerns, which decreases compliance.

Here are some common mistakes encountered with percept disinfectant cleaner:

  • Inaccurate measuring of disinfection solution mixtures: Always follow label instructions for use and dilution. Using inappropriate amounts of disinfectant either to save money by using less product or due to improper measurements can result in a solution that is too weak to work efficiently. Use a full dilution system or ensure proper mixing by using a pump.
  • Inadequate contact time: A disinfectant contact time means how long the surface needs to be wet with the disinfectant to be effective. The percept disinfectant cleaner label mentions the appropriate contact time for in-use solutions.
    Make sure the cleaning staff ensures that time is reached by allowing it to air-dry or before wiping the surface dry. No disinfectant kills on contact!
    If you spray on a surface and wipe the surface dry immediately, germs will not be killed. The only way of ensuring proper disinfection is to allow the full length of time required for efficacy.
  • Improper knowledge of diluted disinfectant shelf-life: When you buy disinfectant cleaner, it is important to know the shelf-life of the disinfectant and how long the diluted product is good to use.
    The in-use shelf-life for disinfectants may vary from as less as 24 hours to a week or even 90 days. To ensure there is an active disinfectant in the diluted product, check the label or contact the manufacturer.
    Don’t make the mistake of mixing the old disinfectant solution with a new batch. Topping off disinfectant bottles instead of starting with a clean bottle for a fresh batch can result in an over-diluted or inactivated mixture.
    When the spray bottle is low, empty it, rinse it and refill it with a new diluted disinfectant.
  • Mixing cleaning chemicals: Adding another chemical into the disinfectant can cause unwanted interactions. Percept disinfectant cleaner should not be mixed with any other scented product because the resultant product may not be as potent as needed.
    This will lead to improper disinfection of surfaces and transmission of pathogens.
  • Lack of product-specific training: Buy a disinfectant cleaner and give cleaning team members product-specific training. Different disinfectants work at different dilution rates, have varying contact times, and require the following various safety precautions.
    Making sure that team members follow the instructions mentioned on the labels will be a sure-shot way of ensuring proper disinfection against deadly pathogens.

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