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How to Reduce Or Eliminate Germs With Hot High-Pressure Washers

Industries, hospitals, and many residential and commercial areas require extensive cleaning to eliminate germs. Hot water pressure washer have proven to be effective in maintaining a standard of hygiene. The high pressure reaches cracks and crevices that are otherwise inaccessible and ideal spots for bacteria and germs. The combination of hot water and pressure helps disinfect large surfaces thoroughly, including ceilings, walls, and floors.

Here are some tips to help you efficiently use the Karcher hot water pressure washer.

  1. Know your application: you should analyze your surface before getting started. You should have an idea about the level of cleaning required. Your evaluation should answer the questions like “Does my surroundings allow for the use of a hot water pressure washer?” and “What disinfectants are required for cleaning?”
  2. Decide your cleaning parameters: The evaluation of your surrounding allows you to learn the pressure level required based on the dirt and surface type, i.e., tough, resistant, and ingrained dirt.
  3. Temperature control: Temperature is an excellent factor against germs and bacteria. Higher temperatures of around 185-212 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for breaking down bacterial colonies, but for complete disinfection Karcher hot water pressure washer can reach temperatures as high as 311 degrees Fahrenheit. However, hot water units may not be the solution. For better results, you can use an appropriate detergent.
  4. Use a suitable detergent and prepare the surface: The detergent you choose should suit your surface depending on the level of disinfection required and the compatibility with the surface. After this, let surfaces soak with detergent to allow the breakdown of tough dirt patches.
  5. Use steam or hot water to rinse soaked surfaces: Karcher pressure washer in Canada is used to pressure-wash the surface to rinse off the detergent and layers of dirt. Hot water units can increase temperatures to vaporize the water into steam, enabling wet steam pressure washing. This procedure is popularly used to sterilize surfaces.
  6. Apply disinfectants: Hot water pressure washers do accelerate and enhance the disinfection process but applying a suitable disinfectant completes the process and ensures meticulous and extensive levels of hygiene. Coupled with the high pressure and temperature, the surface can be completely rid of bacteria.
  7. Be well-equipped: with the right equipment like lances, sprayers, and nozzles, the process is more effective and efficient, ensuring optimal cleaning.
  8. Dry the surfaces: The last step is extremely important. Drying the surfaces is essential before using them again to prevent them from bacterial growth.

The Karcher pressure washer Canada is an efficient, advanced hot water pressure washer ideal for heavy-duty and thorough cleaning. Acquire your Karcher hot water pressure washer conveniently now.