It’s not IF another major outbreak happens, it’s WHEN it happens. Are you prepared?

We all know that influenza virus or any type of flu are contagious and quickly spreads. Staying healthy and taking preventative precautions can benefit you and your employees from getting the virus. The following will help you stay healthy and prepared for virus/flu types of pandemic:

Washing & Sanitizing Hands: Preventing the spread of germs and illnesses can be accomplished by simply washing your hands. However, make sure to apply skin creams or use lotion soaps to avoid skin irritation, as repeated hand washing may dry your skin. Using hand sanitizers will also prevent you from getting the flu, as hand sanitizers kills 99.99 % of common germs that cause illnesses.

Disinfect Your Breakrooms and Working Area: Using a simple surface disinfecting wipes, can eliminate the germs on your workspace, kitchen tables and counters.