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Major Benefits of Touchless Sanitizer Dispensers in Your Facility

We used hand sanitizer before COVID-19, especially every fall when flu season rolled around. But of course, like everything else, it all changed with COVID-19, and suddenly hand sanitizer was in higher demand than ever before.

What became crucial was having a sanitizing dispenser that is touchless, so with the hand sanitizer stand dispensers, safety and peace of mind are even more effortless.

Hand sanitizers are a great way to clean your hands where soap and water are unavailable or inconvenient. To be marketed as a sanitizer, the product will have ethyl alcohol (ethanol), isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), or benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient. The alcohols break apart the proteins of dangerous pathogens, rendering them inert.

While there are downsides to hand sanitizers (mainly that they might eventually dry out your hands), the benefits are clearly the majority. Here are some of the benefits of having hand sanitizer stand dispensers in your facility.

Keep Staff and Customers Safe and Healthy

Of course, the most obvious consideration is that having a hand sanitizer dispenser available to staff and clients will keep them safer from the spread of germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria can spread easily from person to person, simply by touching another person or surface. With the germs on your hands now, you are at risk of getting sick if you happen to touch your mouth, eyes, or nose.

Regular hand washing is a crucial part of hygiene, but sometimes it is not a possibility. Having a hand sanitizer stand dispenser nearby is the next best thing.

Opportunity for Savings

By using a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand, the amount of sanitizer that comes out for each person is the same. This ensures not only that each person is receiving enough sanitizer to kill germs, but not so much that it is just a waste.


Positioning hand sanitizer stand dispensers in convenient locations like at the front entrance and when entering new rooms will encourage and remind people to keep up usage. Just as a doctor applies hand sanitizer when they enter a new patient’s room, so can any staff as it simply becomes a matter of habit.

These hand sanitizer stand dispensers are easy to use and easy to remember, but they are also easy to maintain and durable. Since there is only human contact with touchless dispensers when they are being moved or refilled, there is a lot less wear and tear.

In the age of COVID-19, you want to do whatever you can to keep your staff, co-workers, customers, and families as safe as possible against the spread of this virus. Roy Turk can help you with an extensive supply of safety supplies to choose from, including hand sanitizer stand dispensers.