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Maintaining a Standard of Health with Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Since the onset of COVID-19, society has become more conscious than ever about safety and cleanliness. Carpet cleaning products and chemicals are in higher demand than ever because there is growing awareness about how harmful pathogens can rest in the fibers.

As offices begin to fill with staff and customers again, keeping up a regular carpet cleaning schedule should be a part of every business’s reopening plan.

Keep Your Family and Co-Workers Safe and Healthy

You want to keep everybody as safe and healthy as possible. Carpets can affect the indoor air quality by holding dust, dirt, dander, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

If there has ever been any water damage, or if they are often damp, the harmful pathogens can multiply and proliferate further. The health problems that can arise as a result are numerous and mimic typical allergy symptoms.

These microscopic irritants in the carpet can include animal danders, molds, and dust that people are already allergic to. High pile carpets have longer, looser fibers which attract even more allergens because they have so much surface area. Lower pile carpets are tighter and harder to infiltrate.

Reduce Odors and Clean up Mess

Since carpets can retain moisture and grow pathogens, they can hold onto and even develop their odors. This odor will be hard to escape with a carpet that spans the room. Cleaning with the best carpet cleaning chemicals will reduce the mold, dry up any dampness, and eliminate odors between cleanings.

Moreover, all kinds of spills and messes are bound to happen in high traffic zones. People will try their best to mop up dropped foods, liquids, and whatever else, but they are not likely to be thorough enough to get rid of the substance without special carpet cleaning products and training. Spills and messes can become locked in and stain after a while, and then the carpet has to be replaced.

Frequent Carpet Maintenance

Regular carpet maintenance is always a good idea for extending the life of your carpets, and the exact frequency of your carpet cleaning depends on several factors, including:

  • How many people are regularly in the space
  • The type of carpet (high pile or low pile)
  • Whether there are staff or family members with allergies
  • The presence of products, pets, or otherwise that frequently infiltrate the environment

In this day and age of an ongoing pandemic, everybody wants to stay as safe, healthy, and comfortable as possible. A regular carpet cleaning using quality carpet cleaning products like the ones at Roy Turk is your best bet to ensure everyone has peace of mind. Call us today for more information.