floor scrubber machine

Maintain Your Scrubber Machine to Work At Its Best

If you own a floor scrubber machine, you know how useful they are for keeping your business clean. Floor scrubber machines are one of the most effective ways to keep the floors of your businesses clean. Your staff will appreciate you for giving them a way to clean the floors in a fraction of the time, and your customers will appreciate you for keeping your floors squeaky clean. It’s easy to see why people like a floor scrubber machine so much, and it’s also easy to see why it would be such a shame if there was a problem with it. Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your floor scrubber machine.

Check The Battery

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your floor scrubber, then you need to make sure that the battery always remains fully charged. If the battery isn’t charged, you risk it dying before the job is done. A low battery can also affect the strength of the machine and leave your floors less clean than you would like. It’s important to ensure that your battery is always as charged as possible if you want to be sure that your floors stay as clean as you need them to be.

Check The Brush

If your brush is worn, dirty, or damaged, you may have issues getting your floor clean. It’s worth taking the time to check the brush before every cleaning so that you can be sure that you’re actually going to get the job done the way you need them to. If you stay on top of keeping your brush in top shape, then it’s going to make sure that your floor stays in top shape as well. Your commercial floor scrubber will function much better when you make sure that you check the brush regularly.

Check Your Squeegee

If your squeegee ends up in bad condition, then your floors will end up far from clean. You need to ensure that yours is in good shape before every use, or you may end up going over your entire floor just to discover that it wasn’t actually cleaned properly. Your commercial floor scrubber will not function properly unless you take the time to check the squeegee frequently and adequately.

Check Your Tanks

Before starting your job with your commercial floor scrubber machine, make sure you empty the dirty recovery tank and fill the other tank with a solution. If you forget this step, your floor won’t end up nearly clean enough, no matter how thorough you are.

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