Janitorial Equipment Toronto

Are You looking for the best Industrial Janitorial Equipment in Toronto?

Having difficulty finding the best source for janitorial equipment Toronto? Needing both industrial grade equipment and other products to help your janitorial work be efficient and shining? At RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd we carry commercial janitorial equipment from the top industrial brands. Based in the Greater Toronto area, we offer free delivery of your order within the same area. We also carry all the necessary minor equipment to keep your industrial janitorial equipment running efficiently and effectively.

We are sure it has happened to you. The shift starts beautifully, and all the equipment is running like a dream and you actually think that the cleaning will be finished early. Then, the floor machine chokes and stops right in the middle of the floor. It is mid-afternoon, in a high traffic zone and the janitorial equipment is no longer working. Abruptly the cleaning day is shattered, you need new industrial janitorial equipment and you need it fast.

RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd not only carries the best quality of commercial janitorial equipment from the best brands in the business. We also have 40 years’ experience in the business so that we can help you with your unique situation. Whether you need new floor janitorial equipment, or are simply looking to increase efficiency and speed, we have the expertise to help you.

Not only do we carry the best equipment, but we also carry the miscellaneous supplies that can help increase your cleaning effectiveness. For us, it does not matter whether you are cleaning a restaurant, a mall, or the corner store. We have a team in place that can get the janitorial equipment you need from us directly to you.

Janitorial Equipment Toronto

RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd is a family owned business and we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. With our base in the Greater Toronto area, our long time experience in the industry, and the quality service that enables us to carry the best brands in the industry, we are uniquely placed to meet all your janitorial equipment needs in Toronto.

At RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd we serve hundreds of businesses throughout southern Ontario, and provide them with the top service, products and brands available. Our goal is to provide you with the best value possible for all your janitorial equipment needs. After all, in every business or industry, it pays to find a vendor who has amazing service, affordable pricing, and the best products.

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