Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Ins and Outs of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to get your business clean fast, but there are many different types of pressure washers to choose from. Before you decide to run out and purchase a pressure washer that may not be the best for your business, first ask yourself these questions when you look for a pressure washer for sale:

* How often will I use this machine?
* Where will it be used? Indoors or outdoors?
* What kinds of chemicals will it be exposed to?
* How big is the area that needs to be pressure washed?
* Will I move this machine around or leave it in one location?

If you need a pressure washer occasionally, then renting would probably work best for you. If you plan on using your pressure washer constantly and outside, then a gas-powered pressure washer is probably the right choice for you. If you need a machine that will be portable and useful in many different situations, then an electric pressure washer might be your best bet. It’s important to research before you find your pressure washer for sale.

Pressure washers come in three types: Hot Water, Cold Water, and Steam Cleaners. Each type of pressure washer for sale has different capabilities and will be more or less useful depending on what you need it to do. Just be sure that you don’t underestimate the power and that you choose the right nozzle for the job for your industrial pressure washer.

Hot Water pressure washers are the most common type of industrial pressure washer available. They come in gas-powered varieties as well as electric-powered models. The hot water is heated by a gas burner inside the pump or by the machine’s electrical components. The water is pumped out of a high-pressure hose and sprayed through one or more sprayers outside the machine. These machines can spray at pressures ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch).

Cold Water pressure washers are electric-powered machines that do not use any water heater. They rely on the machine’s electrical components to heat the water as it passes through the pump. The cold spray from these machines can range from about 300 to 1,200 psi.

Gas pressure washers come in hot and cold varieties but typically have a higher psi rating than electric machines.

Gas-powered hot water pressure washers require a minimum of 220 gallons of water per minute and can spray up to 2,000 psi (hot). Coldwater pressure washer models typically have an output of 65 to 100 gallons per minute, with maximum pressures ranging from 1,800 to 3,000 psi. Gas-powered cold water pressure washers have a similar psi rating to electric cold water machines. They are designed for cleaning decks, driveways, patios, murals, and screens.

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