Hose Reel

Important Features of a Hose Reel

If you frequently use a hose for multiple purposes, you might be aware of the struggles of storing this tool. However useful it may be, owning a hose starts to annoy you when it becomes difficult to neatly place, manage, or organize what seems like a never-ending pipe after use.

A pressure washer hose reel may come in very handy for this purpose. A hose reel is an extremely useful tool for using and storing a hose on the barrel. Made up of materials like metal, plastic, or fiberglass, a hose reel manages the use of a hose and ensures that the liquid or gas supply can be maintained. As discussed below, there are various benefits and types of pressure washer hose reels.

Benefits of a Pressure Washer Hose Reel

  1. Extends the lifetime of the hose : A hose reel improves the overall life of a pressure washer hose, as it protects against external damage. Many people carelessly leave their hoses lying outside, for instance during a lunch break, because coiling them takes a lot of time and effort. However, this can be extremely dangerous, as a vehicle might run over it. Therefore, it is important to use a hose reel to protect the hose from destruction.
  2. Spend less time coiling the hose : Another benefit of a hose reel is that one does not need to spend time coiling or untangling their high-pressure hose, which can be rather annoying. The hose reel can also keep the hose clean and professional, especially when taking it down the road.
  3. Makes work efficient : By using a hose reel, workers can prevent potential accidents and, eventually, insurance expenses. If the hose is lying around, workers might trip and get injured. Most importantly, hoses reduce the potential of water leakages, which may increase the cost for the company. It also makes the workplace more organized and increases productivity.

Types of Hose Reel

  1. Hand crank hose reel : These are the standard hose reels, which are also the most affordable in the market. Workers need to wrap the hose on the reel manually.
  2. Heavy Duty hose reel : Made using stainless steel, a heavy-duty hose reel works best in industrial environments, especially for food companies and chemical processing plants. This is because these hose reels can resist corrosion and rust.
  3. Portable garden hose reel : This hose reel works best for residential gardens that require water. These reels are usually affordable, which is why individuals can easily get them.

Best Hose-Reel Materials

Plastic or metal hose reels operate best in different working conditions. Metal hose reels are durable and strong. On the other hand, plastic hose reels are lightweight, which is why they can be moved around easily. They also work best in varying weather conditions.

Another feature that makes a hose reel worth buying is retractability. If the hose reels itself, the worker won’t have to spend time cranking or winding the hose himself. It should also come with a leader hose that can be connected to the water or gas source located far away.

A hose reel is extremely important for maintaining the operations of a hose. To get a hose reel for your own use, head over to Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd today.