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Importance of the Janitorial Supplies Industry Today

The janitorial supplies industry is a good way to diversify businesses as individuals and businesses move towards more eco-friendly office supplies options. Janitorial items are forever needed, and organizations spend billions on purchasing these items. For this reason, more and more businesses are shifting towards janitorial supplies in Toronto.

The Market for Janitorial Supplies

According to IBIS World, the janitorial equipment supply industry garnered $27.3 billion in revenue in 2022. This value is projected to grow over the coming years. The high growth rate is an opportunity for businesses to earn profits and the low barriers to entry are an easy way to make money out of a fast-growing industry.

Technological Advancements In Janitorial Supplies Industry

The growth of the janitorial supplies in Toronto business doesn’t entirely reflect the level of technology used in the industry. Many transactions in the industry are yet to be automated, representing an opportunity for businesses to incorporate technology and quickly scale the business. The fast scaling of the modern janitorial business can put the business on an equal footing with janitorial businesses that have been in the industry for generations.


Other businesses have taken the chance and taken over smaller businesses within the same industry to expand their product portfolio. However, not many janitorial supply businesses have been bought by the other businesses within the industry. Some of these janitorial supply businesses need the help and guidance of larger organizations to sustain themselves in the industry. A business need not transition into the business. Rather they can buy a smaller janitorial business and expand its scope.

The Future of Janitorial Supplies

Industry experts believe that the demand for cleaning supplies in Mississauga will keep growing in the years to come, and the minimum order requirements will increase as a result. For this reason, the industry needs to boost its supply chain and be ready for any spikes in demand. Although the number of offices and commercial spaces may be reducing as the world transitions into a new norm of hybrid work, the number of commercial spaces being repurposed for other business opportunities shows that janitorial supplies are still needed to maintain these spaces.


The janitorial supplies industry is one of those silent industries that’s operating behind the scenes and making a lot of money when it comes to profits. Not many business owners are aware of this, so it’s the right time to jump into this industry and cash on these opportunities. To learn more about janitorial supplies in Mississauga, visit Roy Turk Industrial Sales.