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How Well Do You Maintain Your Pressure Washer Parts?

Karcher pressure washers in Canada tend to take a beating from the harsh weather and amount of use they get each season. By properly maintaining the pieces of your machine, you can count on it lasting for years to come, with less repairs and less chance of needing replacement parts. Below, we’re sharing tips to take care of your power washer, both before and after using it.

Before Using the Washer

Maintaining your power washer starts before each use. Take time to do a quick check of your machine before you start working with it. Here are a few things you should do.

  • Check the oil and fuel levels. If either are low, refill them before using. Be careful not to overfill.
  • Look at each of the o-rings at any connection point. Check them for damage, and replace any that are broken. These small but important Karcher pressure washer parts will reduce the likelihood of leaks later.
  • Check the hose for holes and cuts that will cause water to leak. If your hose needs to be replaced, follow the manufacturer directions exactly.
  • Clean out the nozzle. Small stones, leaves, and other debris could be stuck in the opening, preventing water from coming out when it’s time to spray.
  • Check the tube that carries detergent to your machine. Clean out any build up that may have been left behind, and remove anything that could clog the tube.

After Using the Washer

Taking care of Karcher power washers after each use will save some stress each time you take the machine out to use again. This is what you can do before putting your washer into storage.

  • Turn off the machine and, if it’s electric, disconnect it from the outlet before cleaning.
  • Rinse out the tube from the washer to the nozzle, especially if you’ve used any type of detergent while cleaning.
  • Using a Karcher pressure washer in Canada means it will most likely see some damage from water, snow, and salt. Wipe off the exterior of the machine before putting it away.
  • Disconnect all pieces of the machine, and disconnect the machine from the water source. Let all of the individual pieces fully drain. Any water left inside of the machine can cause extensive damage when the outdoor temperature starts to drop.
  • Look for a space to store your power washer where it won’t be exposed to the elements.

Maintaining a Karcher pressure washer in Canada starts with purchasing the best possible machine and parts. Check out the selection at Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd to see what we have to offer.

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