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How to Use a Pressure Washer Safely

Pressure washers are a handy tool that are used to scrub clean any exterior surfaces. These highly effective tools are much easier to use than a regular scrub brush. Although pressure washers are an extremely important part of cleaning, they can be difficult to use. Understanding how to use the power washer safely, along with fully knowing how to utilize Karcher pressure washer parts, is essential for all of your cleaning endeavours. Keep reading to find out more about the safety steps.

1. Read the Instructions

A lot of people tend to skip reading the instructions since they’ve used a pressure washer before. Reading the instructions is important since all pressure washers work a bit differently. Plus, they have valuable information on Karcher power washer parts, customer service information, and warranties.

2. Don’t Use the Zero Degree Nozzle

The zero degree nozzle is the highest pressure hose that is available. This nozzle shoots a very concentrated stream of water that is extremely powerful. This can cause physical injury and property damage. It’s very unlikely you will ever need to clean something using this hose.

3. Always Wear Protection

You should always be wearing proper protection when using a pressure washer or any Karcher pressure washer parts. This is because these tools are very dangerous and can cause significant damage if used incorrectly. You should wear work gloves, steel-toed boots, safety goggles, ear protection, and a pair of pants when operating this equipment.

4. Prepare your Surroundings

It’s important to prepare the area around you before you use a pressure washer so no other parts of the exterior become damaged. Cover any exterior vents and lights, as well as close any windows that may be open. You don’t want any tripping hazards while you’re using a high-pressure system so also rid the area of any furniture, hoses, toys, plants, kids, and pets.

5. Do Not Use a Ladder

Never use a ladder when pressure washing. These tools can sometimes create a kickback force that could cause you to fall from the ladder. There are several accessories and add-ons that can help reach high areas instead of using a ladder.

6. Never Put Your Hands Near the Spray

Do not ever place your hands, or any body part, near the pressure washer’s spray. This is one of the most important safety rules when using a pressure washer. They are a lot more dangerous than they seem and need to be treated as such.

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