Pressure Washer Repair

How to Tell When Your Pressure Washer Needs Repairs

A smooth-running pressure washer is essential to proper operation. And if you use one as part of your work, it’s essential to a smooth-running business, as well. Giving your washer a visual inspection and performing routine maintenance will go a long way toward avoiding an unwanted power washer repair.

Here are a few things to watch for that could indicate that it’s time for a pressure washer repair.

Water Leaks

Does water drip out of places it shouldn’t when your pressure washer is running? If the dripping or leaking is at places where hoses join or attach to the machine, it could be that you need to replace a seal. If the leak is down the hose, you will need to repair or replace that section of the hose. Depending on the age of your machine, replacing all the hoses may be recommended by a shop that provides pressure washer repair in Toronto.

Low Pressure

A pressure washer depends on high pressure to do its job properly. Low pressure is a sign of a definite problem. The issue could be a blockage somewhere in the pump or hoses. Other potential causes could be an issue with the valves or nozzles. Unless you’re experienced with engine repair, it’s a good idea to take the unit to a shop offering power washer repair services.

Pressure Won’t Turn Off

If you can’t turn off the pressure or the water coming out of the wand, this could indicate that the trigger is malfunctioning. Another potential source of the problem is debris clogging a mechanism.

Machine Won’t Start

A machine that doesn’t start isn’t much use. You definitely need a pressure washer repair. But before you bring it in, double-check that you haven’t simply run out of fuel. For electric units, make sure it’s plugged in. Some potential reasons for a gas-powered unit to not start are a faulty ignition coil, a bad spark plug, or a clogged carburetor. If you’ve checked for a power source, gas, and a healthy spark plug, try starting the machine again. If it still doesn’t start, call a shop for pressure washer repair in Toronto.

Starts And Stalls

If you can get your power washer to start but can’t keep it running, that’s a sign that it needs to be taken in for repair. Some potential causes of this are that the fuel cap vent is clogged or that the carburetor is clogged.

If you notice any of these issues, you should get your power washer serviced. At Roy Turk, we offer complete maintenance and repair services. Call us today to book an appointment.