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How To Resolve the Common Mistakes Of Floor Cleaning?

Floor cleaning is a chore that is done daily in most households. Interestingly, most kids’ household chores are usually done, so almost everyone has done it before. Floor cleaning helps to maintain the flooring and keep it free from germs. Therefore, it must be done thoroughly and regularly. However, it is common to make mistakes cleaning the floors. Even professionals with commercial floor cleaning machines also make mistakes. But these tips can help resolve common floor cleaning mistakes.

  • Clean The Floors Daily
  • Prep Floors Before Scrubbing
  • Don’t Vacuum Wet Floors
  • Using The Right Chemical Product
  • Don’t Use Too Much Chemical

Clean The Floors Daily

Even if people clean with commercial floor cleaning machines, one mistake many make is they don’t clean their floors daily. The floors are only cleaned when there is general cleaning. This doesn’t seem right because the floor gets heavy daily usage compared to other parts of the house. Even when the floor looks clean, it is covered with at least a thin layer of dust and dirt. This contributes to the degradation of the floor. This mistake can be resolved by simply cleaning the floors daily.

Prep Floors Before Scrubbing

Depending on the use of the floor, it may not require daily scrubbing. But, before scrubbing the floor, it is essential to sweep it. This is something many people don’t do. They proceed to wash without removing the microscopic dust and larger dirt on the floor. Scrubbing the floor without correctly prepping will only spread all this dirt around. This way, the floor is not properly cleaned. Therefore, before scrubbing with carpet cleaning chemicals, it is essential to first prep the floor.

Don’t Vacuum Wet Floors

Many make the mistake of vacuuming their carpet when it is wet, especially when using industrial carpet cleaning chemicals. However, vacuuming wet floors can damage the vacuum motor. One would have to overspend on expensive replacements or repairs when this happens.

Using The Right Chemical Product

Different floors have different durability. Some are more delicate than others. Therefore, each floor type requires different cleaning agents. Another mistake many people make is they don’t use the right chemicals when cleaning their floors. By doing so, they expose the floor to harsh chemical conditions, which damages the floor. It reduces the lifespan of the floor and its quality. To avoid this, it is essential always to use the right chemicals.

Don’t Use Too Much Chemical

It is important to use the right chemicals when cleaning the floor. However, even when using the right chemicals, it is essential not to use too many chemicals. When it comes to cleaning, the lesser the quality used, the better.

It is also essential to use quality cleaning equipment. This would ensure better efficiency and results. Roy Turk is a company where you can get all your cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment. We have a reputation for supplying the best quality in the market. Contact us today for an appointment.

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