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How To Make Schools a Safer Place For Children As Schools Reopen

The effects of the pandemic have been felt in schools as much as in any sector that exists. Virtual learning can’t be done for all courses and in all scenarios, leading to struggles for both teachers and students. As a result, more schools have been reopening to fix this growing disconnect for students, refocusing them on their work while housing them in the safest manner possible.

Among the obvious means such as increased sanitization and distancing that has been ever-present since the start of the global health crisis, items such as plexiglass sneeze guards are being created to protect students in crowded areas.

What is a Sneeze Guard?

A sneeze guard is a protective barrier that prevents bacteria or viruses from spreading. It blocks spit or sprays from a person’s nose or mouth before it can potentially infect other areas of the body.

Because of how viral COVID-19 is and the damage it can cause to your respiratory system, the demand for plexiglass sneeze guards has increased significantly. Not only has it proven useful in schools, but it also has popped up inside banks, cash registers, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, gyms, and other establishments. It’s a barrier that keeps children away from the potential spread of COVID while they’re learning in class.

It’s become one of the most reliable protective measures used by schools during the pandemic, in addition to every social distancing floor decal and hand sanitizer that’s been placed all over campuses. They aren’t mandatory, but they are absolutely recommended and effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

How Effective Is a Sneeze Guard?

A plexiglass sneeze guard is just as effective as a face mask in preventing the spread of germs. They prevent any spit that comes out of your child’s mouth from landing on other children as well as teachers. One germ can multiply into eight million in a single day, making the need for tools like sneeze guards emphasized more now than ever to keep children and everyone safe from potential COVID-19 infection.

Plexiglass sneeze guards also work because the material is water-resistant and durable while also being affordable for any facility to install. It’s also less expensive than acrylic alternatives considering that it uses acrylic plastic which is more budget-friendly, though just as effective.

Using a sneeze guard, much like any social distancing floor stickers in Canada and any other COVID-proof measures, is an effective tool to help stop the spread. As children make their way back to the classroom, invest in a sneeze guard to promote safer learning. For more health and safety products, visit Roy Turk for more details.