Pressure Washer Repair

How to Maintain Pressure Washer Hoses

Pressure washers are great for businesses or individuals with large surface or siding cleaning needs. Pressure washers are perfect for exterior surfaces like pavement, siding, windows, or pools (and much more) that have become covered in dirt, grease, plant residue, or other materials.

Along with your pressure washer, it’s a great idea to have a pressure washer hose reel to keep the hose in good condition. A pressure washer is a motorized machine and requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it working at optimal levels.

How Are Pressure Washer Hoses Able to Handle the Pressure?

With the pressurized water these hoses pump, they have to be highly durable because they take a major beating.

High pressure hoses come in different sizes to withstand different PSIs (or pound per square inch). More narrow hoses will deliver up to 3200 psi, whereas much larger diameter hoses can shoot up to 10,000 psi, plus more gallons of water per minute.

These hoses have three layers as well. The innermost layer, which is up against the water or cleaning solvent, is designed to be oil resistant to withstand different temperatures and pressure. The middle layer is the reinforcer consisting of a strong material like high tensile steel to withstand the pressure. The final outermost layer is the hose cover and is designed to be as durable as possible while being porous enough to allow vapors to escape.

Because pressure washer hoses experience such an onslaught of power, they tend to break down faster than is ideal. For this reason, taking care of your hoses in many ways, including storing them on a pressure washer hose reel, is the best way to keep them lasting longer.

How to Maintain Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washers can be dangerous. If a hose blowout occurs unexpectedly, it can cause damage and injuries. Using the right attachments and following the maintenance schedules are critical to ensuring due care.

There are many ways to store your pressure washer hose improperly, but here are some more tips for keeping the hose in good shape.

  • Always use the correct attachments for the type of pressure
  • Try not to drag your hose or allow it to remain kinked or otherwise incorrectly stored
  • Try not to squish the hose by leaving heavy objects on it since this can cause the fibers to split
  • Abide by the washer’s guide for appropriate usage

The best way to keep your pressure washer hose in good condition to last its maximum lifespan is by storing it on a pressure washer hose reel when it is not in use. Check out the pressure washer hose reel available from Roy Turk to help get the most out of your machine.