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How to Maintain Floor Scrubbing Machines for Its Durability?

Commercial floor machines are an effective way to clean floors without having to rely on manual labor. So, when you invest in a commercial floor machine, you want to make sure it lasts. Purchasing a floor cleaner can be a large investment for your business, so you’ll want to keep up with regular maintenance to keep it in operation for years to come. Here’s how you can maintain your floor scrubber machine.

Take a Look at the Batteries

A commercial floor scrubber machine usually runs on batteries (with the exception of upright floor scrubbers). The batteries are usually wet flooded, gel, AGM, or lithium. While each battery has its own maintenance requirements (check the instructions that come with your commercial floor scrubber for specifics), there are general maintenance rules to keep in mind. Make sure that the battery is charged and ready to go, and inspect the terminals for corrosion. Look for any loose connections as well.

Look for Clogs and Leaks in the Drain or Hose

The drain hose or main vacuum hose should be free of debris and free of cracks. Any leftover debris should be removed as soon as possible by backflushing the vacuum hose. Locate the port within the tank and flush it with clean water, which should loosen any debris. Replace the hose if you notice any leaks.

Inspect the Debris Tray

Your commercial floor scrubber should have a debris capture tray, which will capture items that were missed during the initial sweeping and dusting of the floor. If the tray gets too full, the tray can get clogged or overflow. To prevent this, empty out the tray at the end of the day. This will also prevent any captured food particles from causing the tray to smell or to grow mold.

Clean the Solution and Recovery Tanks

Your commercial floor scrubber machine should have a tank for your cleaning solution, and one to collect used solution removed from the floor. Both of these tanks should be emptied at the end of the day and rinsed. Store the tank with the lid open to reduce the chance of the tank molding. The floor pads and brush will need to be removed and cleaned as well.

Regular Maintenance Will Keep Your Commercial Floor Scrubber Running Smoothly

Investing in a commercial floor scrubber machine will result in long-term cost savings, but they need to be maintained in order for this to happen. Check the batteries on the machine regularly and inspect the drain and hose for clogs and leaks. Keep the debris tray clean and clean the solution and recovery tanks regularly. With proper maintenance, your floor cleaning machine will continue to serve you for years.