Gas powered pressure washer

How to Avoid the Risk of a Dangerous Level of Pressure Washing.

Pressure washers are considered by many to be the miracle workers of yard work. They can instantly transform any part of your home to be a better version of what it once was. They can bring color back to your old deck, make your driveway look freshly paved, and your roof recently shingled. You can even use a pressure washer to wash your car! However, it’s crucial to understand just how to use your commercial pressure washer if you decide to buy or rent one for your project. If you don’t, you could risk damaging your property — or worse.

The Benefits of a Dynablast Pressure Washer

People love pressure washing for a number of reasons. Firstly, pressure washers are the best way to remove stubborn stains. Whether it’s an unsightly oil stain on your driveway or dark grime spots on your side paneling, it only takes a few passes with a pressure washer to remove all that build-up and reveal your property’s original color.

Secondly, pressure washers are used for their ability to get to hard-to-reach spots. The spray of a pressure washer can get through the tightest cracks and corners. Extension attachments allow users to reach into high areas like gutters, rooftops, and overhangs.

Thirdly, using a pressure washer can expose maintenance issues. Pressure washing your property at least once a year can clear enough debris to uncover surface damage and small cracks that may not have been seen otherwise.

Pressure Washing Dangers

While pressure washers are fun to use, they are not toys. The pressure that these washers use is dangerous — contact with skin can cause bruises, abrasions, and even serious infection. Too much pressure can also cause serious property damage. Using your washer on the wrong setting or using the wrong detergent can result in these injuries and damages, and lead to some hefty repair costs.

Safe Washing

When using a pressure washer, always do the following:

  • Use a detergent that is compatible with your commercial pressure washer and also safe for the surface you intend to spray.
  • Wear protective gear: goggles, gloves, long pants, and close-toed shoes.
  • Never operate your washer near other people.
  • Stand a minimum of three feet away from the surface you’re spraying.
  • Avoid spraying with a zero-degree nozzle, which could cause damage to your property.
  • Consult your janitorial supplies provider in Toronto about safety protocols for your washer and the best cleaning solutions for your project.

Do you have any questions or concerns about using a pressure washer? Roy Turk’s pressure washer pros can help answer any questions you may have and provide you full instruction on how to safely use our high-quality washers. Contact us to get in touch or request a quote.