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How Often Should You Use the Best Pressure Washer for Your Car?

Washing your car is important. Keeping your car’s exterior clean prevents a number of contaminants from adhering to and damaging your finish. Debris like dirt, dust, bug splatter, salt, and other particles stick onto your car every time you drive. Over time, it all becomes too much for your car to take; it’s best to wash it before dirtiness becomes paint damage. Keeping your car in good condition also helps maintain its resale value, which is important if you’re considering selling or trading your car down the road. A power washer is the best tool for truly effective cleaning. If you have an old washer lying around in your garage, take it to a power washer repair service and get to work on your car!

Of course, power washers are a much easier and quicker way to get all that debris off of your car. But how often should you clean your car? What kind of washer attachments should you use? This article will tell you everything you need to know about servicing your car with a power washer.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

To provide your car with as much longevity as possible, you should consider washing it two to three times a week with a pressure washer. Regardless of the weather, this is considered the optimal number of times for cleaning — though people often aim for at least once a week. Some may consider this excessive, but your car is always undergoing environmental damage in various forms throughout the year. In the winter, the main culprits are salt, intense cold, snow, and ice damage. In the summer, there are insects, intense heat, dust, and pollen to worry about. A pressure washer is the best defense against all of these contaminants, no matter what time of year. 

Washing Your Car with a Pressure Washer

If you don’t own an electric car pressure washer, you can purchase one from your nearest pressure washer repair service. You’ll need to understand how to use your washer effectively for the best results — if you have any questions about the best ways to use your washer, talk to your pressure washer repair professional in Toronto

Understanding your nozzle types is important. For the safest wash, a 25 or 45-degree nozzle is recommended. A 25-degree nozzle works well for most general tasks, while a 45-degree nozzle works well for surfaces that can be easily damaged. Use one of these nozzles to rinse your car before applying your soap.

Then, apply detergent — make sure the detergent you use is safe for your car and compatible with your power washer. After a thorough clean, spray your car down to rinse it. Stay at least three feet away and point your wand down at a 25-degree angle to avoid scratching your car. 

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