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How is Encapsulation Cleaning Beneficial for Commercial Carpets?

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, What Is It?

Standard carpet cleaning methods involve a great deal of moisture as a byproduct of the processes. These carpet cleaning methods provide an effective way to get the carpet clean but come with some serious disadvantages. With the more traditional extraction method, there is a long drying period. This can be inconvenient, but more than that, it can result in mold or mildew growing in your carpet. The encapsulation method allows for a drying cleaning process that bypasses this issue entirely. These new carpet cleaning products allow for foot traffic within minutes and avoid any chance of mildew or mold.

How Does It Work?

The encapsulation chemical is sprayed over the affected area with a rotary floor brush. This is a speedy and simple process that won’t require any additional equipment or training when these carpet cleaning products are employed. The dirtiest area should be prioritized, with less affected areas receiving more of a light misting. The chemical causes the soil particles to crystalize. This allows them to be lifted with regular vacuuming leaving the carpet clean and dry within a much shorter period of time. Another benefit of this method is that the carpet tends to look better after subsequent vacuuming because of the soil being crystallized.

What Are the Other Benefits?

No special equipment is needed for this carpet cleaning method. Other methods require the use of an additional machine that may be costly or difficult to store. This method uses equipment that most businesses will already have on hand, like a vacuum cleaner and a floor machine. This is the best carpet cleaning machine currently available because of the ease of use and convenience.

This carpet cleaning equipment will also surprise you with the speed of cleaning. This may vary from location to location, but some professionals can clean up to 2000 square feet of carpet per hour. This is exceptionally quick because of the simple usage of the machine. This can also help save money because the process is so much quicker with this carpet cleaning equipment. The benefits of this machine are significant and multifaceted.

There is no “wicking” with the best carpet cleaning machine on the market. Wicking occurs when there is soil stuck deep in the carpet. This soil appears to be removed during the process of cleaning and gives the appearance of being gone entirely. However, after a time, the soil reappears on the carpet causing the efforts to have been wasted. The encapsulation method avoids this issue because this is the best carpet cleaning machine on the market. This issue is most common with glue down carpet that is widely used in commercial spaces.

This product is a real game-changer for the way that commercial carpet cleaning is done. If this sounds desirable to you, then check us out on our website and get one for your company today.