Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer

How Improper Use of a Pressure Washer Can Lead to Dangerous Results

A pressure washer can be an excellent tool for cleaning surfaces and removing stubborn stains. But used improperly, it can also cause damage or injury. Here are some things to be wary of when using your Kodiak pressure washer.

Physical Injuries

Pressure washers, like the name suggests, push out water under high pressure. Depending on the model, the apressure can be enough to cut through protective footwear and easily slice through flesh. On commercial machines, especially those with higher pressure settings, care must be taken to avoid the water stream.

Always wear heavy-duty work boots to prevent accidental injury to your feet. Practice caution, especially when using a pressure washer on its highest settings to clean stubborn stains. For use on driveways, patios, or other ground surfaces, falling or slipping on the wet surface is also possible.

Broken or worn-out parts can cause the pressure washer to operate in unexpected ways. To prevent this, check the machine before using it and order any replacement pressure washer parts in Canada that you may need, such as Kodiak pressure washer parts.

Electric Shock

Any time you mix power cords and water, there’s a risk of electric shock. If you’re using a gas-powered machine, this risk reduces significantly. If using an electric pressure washer, be sure you’re using a grounded outlet, and don’t let the washer sit in a pool of water. Also, check all exposed wires for signs of fraying.

Damaging Surfaces

This is a real possibility, especially the first time you use a Kodiak pressure washer. The problem isn’t the machine but rather the operator. Getting used to the pressure, and finding the right setting, can require some adjustments. This is especially true when power washing a wood deck or patio. These machines are capable of removing paint from vehicles or siding, which can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on your intentions. On concrete and harder surfaces, the potential for damage is lower but still there.

It’s best to start with the nozzle further away from the surface than you think you need it, then slowly move closer.
In some cases, using a different nozzle can help give better control of the spray. Check with your local store for pressure washer parts in Canada.

Damaging Shingles

A pressure washer can easily lift shingles and cause unintended damage. This problem is made worse by the pressure driving the water deeper into your roof and possibly leaking into your attic. When working close to shingles and soffits, be extra careful, as it’s easy to cause damage. If you need to make adjustments to your pressure washer to deal with more delicate surfaces, you can find the necessary pieces from a store that sells Kodiak pressure washer parts.

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