Social Distance Label

How Floor Decals Are Helping Organizations Deal with the Pandemic During the Second/Third Wave

Practicing social distancing in a Canadian retail environment is easier said than done. Due to the pandemic, Canadian retailers have had to cut down on the number of staff that can be in the store during any given shift, meaning they have fewer employees that can enforce social distancing rules. However, retailers have found many creative solutions to this issue. One of the most creative solutions thus far has been the use of social distancing floor stickers in Canada.

How Do These Stickers Work?

Social distancing floor stickers are placed at regular intervals throughout a store as a way for customers to judge how far they should be from other customers and staff members. This makes it easier to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, keeping everyone safe. They’re especially useful when it comes to lining up customers at the checkout counter; this is one of the areas where enforcing social distancing guidelines is especially difficult.

This isn’t the only step that Canadians are taking, however. The use of plexiglass sneeze guards in Canada at the checkout counter is further preventing the emission of COVID-19 between customers and employees. When combined with social distancing floor stickers, retailers can safely remain open and provide essential services to their customers.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers Are Durable

The other advantage for retailers that use these social distancing floor stickers is that they are easy to apply, but they’re still durable, even when they’ve been stepped on and mopped over. These stickers can last up to five years without peeling away from the surfaces that they’re adhered to, which helps stores look presentable, even during the pandemic. When the pandemic ends, they can be easily removed without leaving sticky residue behind.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers Allow You to Show Solidarity

By using social distancing stickers, you can actively show that the safety of your customers and employees is your priority. In these stressful times, showing that you are taking actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 allows you to demonstrate that everyone is in this together. You’re showing that you take everyone’s health seriously and will be doing all you can to ensure their safety.

Use Social Distancing Floor Stickers to Keep Everyone Safe

The use of social distancing floor stickers in Canada is one of the simplest ways to keep employees and customers safe. They help customers comply with social distancing guidelines by clearly showing how far away they should be standing from one another. The stickers themselves are extremely durable, but easy to remove. The stickers also allow you to show that you have a plan in place to keep everyone healthy. When combined with other physical distancing tools, you can make sure that everyone’s shopping experience is a safe one.