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How a Proper Cleaning Can Help Reduce Sick Days

Hygiene is an important issue many businesses need to keep in mind when thinking about their employees’ productivity. This expands far beyond the restroom and into office spaces and common areas throughout the building. Areas like the stair railings, elevator buttons, door handles, and other high-level objects that are touched frequently to cut down on sick days across the office. Even using floor care equipment to keep the floor clear will prevent falls from happening, and the possible resulting extended leaves of absence.

Way More Than Just the Restrooms

Reducing sick days begins with how clean an office’s restrooms are, but it doesn’t end there. Despite restrooms being one of the most frequent areas used in an office building, there are other areas that also need to be cleaned just as often. This doesn’t mean they’re more important than keeping the bathroom sanitary. High-touch areas should just be cleaned as regularly as restrooms even though they might not seem as unclean.

High-Touch Areas

As previously mentioned, there are certain areas in the office that are touched far more than any other on a daily basis. These include conference tables, copy stations, doors, elevator buttons, and railings. All these objects must be cleaned every day to ensure an illness doesn’t spread around the entire office.

Sick days can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. This number will continue to rise if nothing is being done about it. Regardless of how clean your employees are, all it takes is one person to sneeze into their hands for the entire floor to catch something. This is why a proper cleaning of all high-touch areas can reduce sick days significantly.

Floor Care

Cleaning your floors will leave your industrial building a safer and more hygienic place. A big problem a lot of companies have is how many slips and falls occur from not cleaning the floors regularly enough, or not including the proper signage around a wet area. Using commercial floor cleaning machines is best for high traffic areas like lobbies or hallways. Don’t worry about needing a floor care equipment repair as they’re easy to take care of. As long as you hire someone to clean your floors regularly, fewer sick days will be used and your office will be running at optimal productivity levels once again.

Trying to find the right floor care equipment can be difficult. Roy Turk Industrial Sales allows you to find the best products for reasonable prices to help you give your office a proper cleaning. Investing in great commercial floor cleaning machines will increase productivity, and save you time and money.