hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: Best Selling Product as Offices Reopen

The way business is conducted has significantly changed over the past months. The need for clean workspaces is more critical than ever. And while responsible organizations have always made great strides to provide healthy environments for their staff, COVID-19 has created a need for different solutions and vehicles to facilitate personal hygiene. Items that were not common in an office are now a necessity. A great example of this is the hand sanitizer dispenser.

What is Hand Sanitizer?

You are probably using a lot of it lately and may even be carrying it with you everywhere you go. In essence, hand sanitizer is a product made of alcohol that helps eliminate pathogens. It comes in different forms, but some of the most common ones found in hand sanitizer floor stands are gels and foams. While it doesn’t replace proper handwashing with soap, it’s a great alternative when this is not available.

The Importance of Dispensers

While it’s wise to carry hand sanitizer with you, it should also be available in any space you occupy—especially where you will be in contact with other people and touch unsanitized surfaces. Setting up a hand sanitizer stand dispenser is a great way to encourage workers to practice good hand hygiene. Regular hand washing and sanitizing greatly reduces the rate of transmission of harmful pathogens. It may be a challenging task to control everyone’s handwashing habits in the office, but you’ll want to do your part and provide for the right tools to do so. Having a hand sanitizer dispenser in the areas that see more foot traffic in the office is an excellent way to do this.

The Effects on Your Business

Improper hand sanitization will lead to easier transmission of diseases and, therefore, more staff members having to take sick days. Making a hand sanitizer floor stand available in your office can potentially translate to fewer people falling ill. When people take sick days, the productivity of your business takes a hit. Good places to have a hand sanitizer dispenser are common areas such as kitchens, break rooms, and hallways. You can also place posters around the office to remind employees to disinfect their hands. When it comes to preserving your staff and workspace’s wellbeing, providing access to a hand sanitizer stand dispenser is always a great idea. If you want to know more about these products, contact Roy Turk today.