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Features to Look For in a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The pandemic has turned hand sanitizers into a must-have item for almost every business. So much so that many businesses have found themselves scrambling to try to meet their sanitization needs. Unfortunately, they may not have a strong idea of what they are looking for. When you’re looking for a way to dispense your hand sanitizer, there are a few key things that you need to keep in mind.

Touchless activation Hand sanitizer dispensers

One of the biggest benefits you can have in a hand sanitizer stand dispenser is the ability for no contact usage. It sounds obvious, but the ability to sanitize your hands without having to touch the device prevents the spread of germs. When you are looking for a hand sanitizer dispenser, it’s best to go with a touchless device if you can manage it. These devices are far more efficient at cleaning than the traditional methods that involve touching a sink, dryer and bathroom door. When it comes to buying a hand sanitizer stand in Canada, you’ll be making the best decision for both yourself and your customers if you go with a contactless sanitizer stand.

Accessibility matters

Hand sanitizer stand dispensers are an easy way to ensure that hand sanitizer is readily available throughout your establishment. They allow you to cut down on the amount of travel that an employee or client has to do in order to find their way to a sanitizing station. Make sure that there is a hand sanitizer dispenser within easy reach of every room in your office or store. You’ll be able to seriously cut down on the chance of transmission by reducing the number of people who have to visit the washroom to simply clean their hands. The washroom can be a volatile area for infection when kept unclean, especially if people have no alternative to keeping their hands clean.

Keeping your staff and clients healthy

If you follow the previous guidelines, you should be able to keep your staff much healthier than if they had to go to the bathroom every time they needed to clean their hands. Any investment you put into buying a hand sanitizer stand in Canada will be recouped by your healthy workforce. You will reduce the risk of having staff spread illness, call in sick, or work less efficiently. Similarly, it can also be quite detrimental for your reputation if your clients and customers are getting sick at a high rate.

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