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Evolution and Future of Touch-Free Washrooms

Any commercial building is going to require a lot of regular cleaning and therefore a lot of janitorial supplies from Toronto. Even though most of the buildings will likely be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, there is one area that usually requires more cleaning than anywhere else.

The bathrooms of a business are the areas where the majority of janitorial cleaning supplies from Toronto are used. But the spread of germs within bathrooms has seen a massive decrease in recent years thanks to the introduction of touch-free washrooms.

Although they were in its infancy only a few years ago, they have now grown into a popular element of most businesses. Here is how the touch-free washrooms have changed in the last few years and how they are expected to change in the near future.

Multiple Types of Sensors

Although many of the first touch-free washrooms only included one type of available sensor, there are now a wide variety of possible sensors that businesses can have installed on their toilets, sinks, and paper towel dispensers or hand dryers. You can easily choose between light sensors or motion sensors now and even do a mix-match of these sensors within the same washroom.

Plus, these sensors are not always fixed and are actually able to be adjusted by the cleaning staff if they want to fine-tune them to particular settings. This helps to ensure that toilets, sinks, and hand dryers are only going off when someone actually wants to use them and are not activating just because someone walks in front of them.

Extended Battery Life

The life of the batteries powering this touch-free equipment is now able to last an incredibly long time, with many auto-flush toilets being able to go up to 70,000 flushes before needing their battery changed. There are also some newer photoelectric sensors that do not require any batteries at all.

Faster Cleaning Times

As the touch-free washrooms become more widely used, it is meaning that much fewer janitorial supplies from Toronto are needing to be used. This is because there is no need for companies to purchase items from a janitorial equipment supplier that allows cleaning staff to efficiently and safely clean bathroom areas like the sink handles, grimy soap dispensers, and germ-infested toilet handles. Instead, most cleaning staff are now becoming much more comfortable cleaning these areas because of the minimized amount of germs that are present in touch-free washrooms.

Even though these touch-free washrooms require less intensive cleaning procedures, they should still be cleaned on a regular basis. So make sure that you are getting the proper janitorial supplies in Toronto by visiting Roy Turk today.