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Effective Locations to Place a Sanitizer Dispenser

The year 2020 has surely changed the dynamics of the world. Despite the popularity of vaccines, experts warn that the pandemic has not vanished completely. Including COVID-19, other infections also spread via physical contact rapidly in public places like offices. Hence, offices need to be protected against cross-contamination, which is why employees and clients should be encouraged to clean their hands and follow SOPs regularly. One way to do so is to place a hand sanitizer dispenser in the office. There are various locations where these dispensers can be placed, some of which are listed below:

Best locations to place a hand sanitizer dispenser

  1. Restrooms : According to a Bradley Corp. study in 2016, about 67 percent of adults out of 1000 only rinse their hands using plain water and skip the soap. This shows how important it is to place hand sanitizers in restrooms. Many individuals are often in a rush, which is why they might skip washing their hands properly. Accordingly, installing a Purell hand sanitizer dispenser near the sink can remind them to wash their hands without wasting time.
  2. Entrances & Exit Doors : As one of the most used items in any room, a single doorknob can spread tons of diseases in the workplace. This makes it crucial to place the hand sanitizer on the entrance and exit, especially near items that everyone touches regularly. People entering the office can use the sanitizer before entering, so if, let’s say, they greet their employees, they can shake hands safely.
  3. Meeting rooms : Meeting rooms are one of the busiest places in the office. Employees sit together in the meeting room to discuss matters of concern and exchange key documents. Employers meet with clients to discuss new projects and shake hands. This makes meeting rooms imperative for placing hand sanitizers. Accordingly, offices should place touchless sanitizers in these rooms.
  4. Canteens : Break rooms, food courts, and cafeterias are the main areas for viruses. As the most social places in an office, hand sanitizers should be placed in such locations, so people can eat food and socialize without spreading diseases.

Types of hand sanitizer dispensers

There are many types of dispensers available in the market that can be used in offices, including:

  • Mounted dispensers that are mounted on the wall permanently
  • Freestanding dispensers that are placed on a tabletop or platform, which can be moved around easily
  • Touchless or automatic dispensers, which can be either freestanding or mounting. These dispensers ensure that contact is avoided as much as it can be.

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