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Different Tools For Getting Superior Vacuuming Results

Regular vacuuming is essential for cleaning carpet floorings, hard floorings, and other floorings that require vacuuming. It helps to remove soil, dirt, and dust that can damage carpet fibers and the integrity of the flooring. There are many types of vacuum cleaners to choose from. However, selecting the right commercial vacuum cleaners and vacuum tools is what makes the difference. With the right vacuum tools, cleaners are guaranteed superior vacuuming results. Here are some categories of vacuum tools to choose from.

  • Vacuum Wands
  • Dusting Brushes
  • Crevice Tools
  • Carpet Cleaning Tools

Vacuum Wands

Vacuum wands are essential vacuum tools professional cleaners find pretty helpful. There are two main types of vacuum wands: curved or “S” wands and straight wands. These vacuum wands are attached to the vacuums.

Curved Or “S” Wands

The S wand commercial vacuum cleaners are mainly used for the traditional type of vacuuming where the cleaner moves back and forth. This type of vacuum can get into and clean out tighter spaces seamlessly. It gives the users an easy grip and access. It can also accommodate an extensive range of attachments.

Straight Wands

The straight wand is just as effective as the curved wand. However, it is typically used for cleaning out areas in the home or office that are out of reach. For instance, straight wands can be used to clean out the vents in the ceiling.

Dusting Brushes

Dusting brushes are another vacuum tool commonly used in the home. They are attached to a Vacuum and used for dusting off surfaces. They ensure the vacuum can pick up all forms of dirt on the flooring.

Crevice Tools

Crevice tools are industrial vacuum cleaner tools used to clean hard-to-reach places in the home and offices. They are perfect for cleaning the vents, under low furniture, and behind radiators. These vacuum tools come in several materials and sizes. The type of crevice tools a professional cleaner need depends on the cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning Tools

There are several carpet cleaning tools to choose from. However, there are two main things to consider when selecting these tools. Firstly, the cleaner must confirm if they are working with low-pile carpets or high-pile carpets. Secondly, they must confirm if they are performing a surface quick clean or a deeper clean. This determines the carpet cleaning tools they can get.

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