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Different Kinds Of Floor Scrubber Pads

Sweeping and wiping the floors are efficient for regular cleaning. However, to improve the durability and shine of the floor, it must be scrubbed regularly. Scrubbing is a floor care routine that is essential for handling the stripping, buffing, and polishing of the floors. However, scrubbing is easier and more effective when done with a floor scrubber machine. This equipment helps reduce the rigors involved in floor scrubbing.

There are several types of scrubber machines available in the market. This includes the walk-behinds, ride-on, and rotary commercial floor scrubber machines. Although these scrubbers differ, the scrubber’s pad is a crucial accessory they all have in common. However, the scrubber pad options are generally color-coded for specific applications. Here are some of the scrubber pad options to choose from.

  • Stripping Pads
  • Buffing Pads
  • Scrubbing Pads
  • High-Speed Pads

Stripping Pads

Stripping Pads is a scrubber pad option commonly used in floor scrubber machines. They feature an open weave and are designed for aggressive floor cleaning. Stripping Pads are used for removing finishes and dirt that are hard to remove from floorings. However, they can’t be used to remove substances like mastic glues. They are also only designed for low-speed use.

Buffing Pads

These are another efficient scrubber pad option. These scrubber pads are best suited for daily floor cleaning. They are designed with a light abrasive on the surface to aid efficient cleaning. However, the abrasive is just sufficient not to cause any damage to most floors and floor coatings. Buffing pads can be for low-speed applications, which include spray buffing. This helps to give the floors a clean shine.

Scrubbing Pads

Scrubbing pads are used in floor cleaning machines for aggressive cleaning that won’t remove a lot of finish. They are commonly used for VCT-styled floors and epoxy-coated floors. Scrubbing pads also work well for automotive shop floorings and unfinished concrete floors.

High-Speed Pads

High-speed pads are common floor scrubber pad options. They are typically at least 20 inches and are mainly used for buffing different materials. High-speed buffing pads are excellent for materials such as natural fibers, nylon, and polyester blends.

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