Social Distancing

Creative Approaches to Custom Floor Labels

Social distancing floor decals, also known as floor stickers, are an effective and simple way to promote physical distancing in various work environments, including offices. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and floor stickers play a crucial role in this effort. In this blog, we will explore the various ways in which social distancing floor stickers can be used in offices and their benefits.

Marking Physical Distancing Guidelines

One of the primary uses of social distancing floor stickers is to mark the recommended distance between individuals in common areas. This helps to ensure that employees and visitors maintain a safe distance while waiting in line, moving around the office, or standing in elevators. The floor stickers can be strategically placed to guide individuals in following physical distancing guidelines and promote a safe working environment.

Promoting Health and Safety Awareness

Floor stickers serve as a visual reminder of the importance of physical distancing and the need for good hygiene practices. By placing floor decals in key locations around the office, such as near entrances, elevators, and bathrooms, you can help to raise awareness about the need for social distancing and good hygiene practices. The use of eye-catching graphics and clear, concise messaging can make a big impact in promoting health and safety awareness.

Enhancing Brand Identity

Social distancing floor stickers can also be used to enhance brand identity and promote a consistent brand image. Companies can customize floor stickers with their own logos, colors, and messaging, making them an effective tool for reinforcing the company’s brand identity and promoting a professional image.

Durable and Cost-Effective

Social distancing floor stickers are a cost-effective solution for promoting physical distancing in the workplace. They are durable, easy to clean, and can be easily removed if necessary. The use of floor decals in Toronto and other cities is becoming increasingly popular as companies seek to keep their employees and visitors safe while promoting a professional image.

Social distancing floor stickers play an important role in promoting physical distancing in offices. By marking physical distancing guidelines, promoting health and safety awareness, enhancing brand identity, improving traffic flow, and being durable and cost-effective, these floor decals are a versatile solution for companies looking to keep their employees and visitors safe in the workplace. If you’re looking for high-quality social distancing floor decals in Toronto, be sure to contact Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd. to discover how we can assist you to get started with floor decals!

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