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Coronavirus Outbreak: Can Masks Keep You Protected?

As the outbreak of coronavirus continues to spread, a lot of people are getting concerned about what they can do in order to help ensure that they are protected from this new strain of the virus, also known as COVID-19. One of the most popular tactics that people are trying is the wearing of face masks, such as those that can be purchased through a janitorial equipment supplier.

But just how effective is this at protecting someone from this disease? Would increasing the use of janitorial cleaning supplies from Canada do a better job of protecting people from coronavirus? Here is an expert look at just how effective it is to use masks as a form of protection against coronavirus.

Using Surgical Masks

A lot of people are attempting to purchase standard face masks, otherwise known as surgical masks, from their local janitorial equipment supplier in order to prevent coronavirus from affecting them. In fact, this has vastly increased the number of wholesale janitorial supplies sold in Canada.

But what is unfortunate about this is the fact that they do not work. These masks have been shown to fail to protect the person wearing it from contracting the coronavirus. If they are spending time in close proximity to someone else who is infected with the disease, then even while wearing a standard face mask, they will still likely become infected.

Protect Yourself by Wearing an N95 Respirator

The good news is that there is a type of face mask that you can purchase from most places that offer janitorial supplies in Canada. This more advanced type of face mask is called an N95 respirator and is able to provide much better protection against the coronavirus.

This is largely because the mask material is much thicker than the average face mask available through wholesale janitorial supplies in Canada. Therefore, the disease is unable to penetrate the material and affect the average person.

However, in order to make sure that these masks are going to be enough to protect you from the coronavirus, you first need to ensure that you are properly fitting them around your face so that there is no space between your skin and the mask material where the coronavirus could potentially sneak through.

If you want to absolutely ensure that you are as protected as possible against coronavirus, then you can look into getting N95 respirators through Roy Turk today.

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