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Looking for a competitively priced source of commercial cleaning supplies wholesale or struggling to find cleaning equipment? Look no further RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd is your one-stop shop for all kinds of commercial cleaning supplies, from the mundane of paper towels, to all the equipment you’d need to shine an airport.

RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd is a trusted supplier and carrier of many of the top commercial cleaning brands, and with over 40 years in the industry we focus on providing the best products and the best service. We know products and services better than anyone else, and do our best to use our expertise to help you succeed. Whether you are cleaning the Toronto airport, polishing up a mall, or simply cleaning a corner store, we have the equipment and supplies that you need.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves in being able to meet your needs with our exceptional service. Whether your order is large or small, we have the ability to fill it. From three months’, or more, worth of supplies, to that last minute towel or hand sanitizer order, we can make it happen.  As a bonus, we value our reputation for value and service and do our best to keep it unmatched by any other in the business.

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Outside of the minutia of commercial cleaning supplies, we also carry top quality cleaning machines to make your job that much easier. Having a break down problem and need a new machine? We’re based in the Greater Toronto area, and can help you get a new machine faster than you thought possible. Miscounted and ran out of essential cleaning supplies? We can help you avoid cleaning catastrophe and keep the places shining.Sometimes business is a hassle, with the conflicting balance between price, quality, and service it can seem you’ll never get the best deal. At RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd we strive to provide not only the best service, but the best quality and best prices possible on commercial cleaning supplies. Were you looking for a one-stop shop? Well, you found one and we would be happy to help you get the best cleaning supplies possible.

As an added bonus, we have good relationships with many premium suppliers, insuring that our products are always the best for the job. With our commitment to quality, service, and value you can’t go wrong working with RoyTurk Industrial Sales, Ltd.

When it comes to purchasing cleaning supplies for your company, it can be hard to decide what is best or what is necessary to make your building shine like it’s brand new again. Commercial cleaning supplies can be bought in bulk, and no matter what it is that a person opts to purchase, the main focus should always be buying the best quality products that are available.

Quality over Quantity

Wholesale commercial cleaning supplies may be bought in bulk, but that doesn’t mean their quality has to be compromised. Buyers can get the best of both worlds when they purchase from the right cleaning supplies distributor in Canada.

What Commercial Cleaning Supplies are Available?

Buyers have the option of purchasing anything from brooms and mops to larger scale equipment such as Floor Sweeper or Auto Scrubber. The right high-quality cleaning supplies make it easy to keep your commercial building in top shape.

Enjoy A Clean, Positive Environment With Our Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining a clean and welcoming environment is crucial for businesses and industries in the bustling cities of Toronto and Mississauga. Our range of commercial cleaning supplies in Mississauga and various equipment are designed to meet all your needs, ensuring a pristine and positive space for your clients and employees.

How Our Supplies Help You in Various Ways?

  • Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Supplies:  Our assortment extends beyond the basics in our quest to meet every cleaning demand. From robust brooms that sweep away the toughest dirt to advanced, specialized cleaning agents adept at tackling stubborn stains and germs, our collection encompasses a wide spectrum of industrial cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment. These items are meticulously selected to elevate the standards of cleanliness in your workspace. They are more than mere tools; they are reliable partners that ensure every corner of your business space reflects the highest level of hygiene and care.
  • Cleaning Equipment for Every Need:   In our diverse range of cleaning supplies in Toronto, we cater to every requirement of commercial spaces. Our inventory includes various advanced options, from high-powered vacuum cleaners, perfect for deep cleaning carpets and large areas, to robust floor scrubbers, ideal for maintaining hard surfaces with high foot traffic. Each piece of equipment is meticulously selected to ensure it meets the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial cleaning. This ensures not just effectiveness but also durability and reliability, making them indispensable tools for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various settings with ease and efficiency.
  • Local Accessibility and Quick Delivery: In the dynamic environments of Toronto and Mississauga, our services ensure you have swift and effortless access to all your cleaning essentials. Our commitment transcends beyond offering quality products; we focus on providing exceptionally reliable and rapid delivery. Understanding the critical nature of maintaining uninterrupted business operations, we’ve streamlined our distribution processes to guarantee you’re never left waiting for essential supplies. This approach ensures that your cleaning operations can continue seamlessly without any pause. Depend on us for prompt and efficient delivery of all your cleaning necessities right when needed.
  • Quality and Efficiency: We prioritize both the effectiveness and longevity of our products to provide you with the best service. By choosing only the finest materials and partnering with industry leaders, we ensure that each item in our cleaning supplies and equipment stands the test of time. This approach allows us to offer products that meet and exceed your cleaning expectations. Whether tackling tough stains or maintaining everyday cleanliness, our selection of industrial and commercial cleaning products guarantees a blend of high performance and durable reliability, making every purchase a wise investment for your business’s quality and efficiency needs.

Secure A Spotless Future With The Right Supplies

Choosing the right cleaning supplies and equipment is pivotal in creating and maintaining a clean, healthy, and positive environment. With our extensive range of commercial cleaning supplies and industrial cleaning equipment available in Toronto and Mississauga, you are equipped to tackle any cleaning challenge that comes your way. Experience the difference that quality supplies can make to your commercial space.

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