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Cleaning Agents: Types and Their Uses

Regardless of what type of business you are in, keeping things clean is absolutely essential. The cleanliness of your business is one of the most important factors in your first impression on a client or customer. Your business needs to be spotless to make the best possible impression when someone comes to your establishment. Cleaning properly can be more complicated than it seems at first; there’s a lot to remember if you want things clean without causing any unintended damage. Here are some key things to keep in mind when shooting for this goal.

Detergents and Degreasers:

Detergents are a very common type of cleaning product. There are a huge variety of janitorial supplies in Canada, but they generally fall into four basic categories. Detergents work on soil and dirt and force them to break down, which makes it easier to clean away with a mop or other product. Typical detergents are synthetic in nature and tend to be made from petroleum. Detergents come in a variety of states, and may be a liquid, solid, or any one of various shapes and sizes.
Degreasers are another very common cleaning supply and are often used on ovens or other surfaces that typically get greasy. Degreasers can also be referred to as solvents and are another of the most common janitorial supplies in Canada. Most food-based establishments will try to use non-toxic substances when choosing degreasers for safety and health reasons. These are just a few of the janitorial supplies in Mississauga available through Roy Turk.

Abrasives and Acids:

Abrasives rely on being rubbed against the target area to be effective. You have to take care when using them as they can damage stainless steel and other similar surfaces. They can be tremendously effective and if you’re looking for cleaning supplies in Mississauga then you would be remiss to avoid them.
Acids are the final tool in your cleaning arsenal and are also the most powerful. Acids need to be used with extreme caution, and must be properly diluted to ensure they don’t do more harm than good. They are most effective when used to remove minerals or rust.

Where Can I Find More Information:

Now that you know more about the four main types of industrial-strength cleaners, it’s time to start shopping around. The best place to get janitorial supplies in Canada is through Roy Turk. Check out our website to find exactly what you’re looking for at great prices. These are the best janitorial supplies in Mississauga, and the prices can’t be beat. Whether you need detergents, degreasers, abrasives, or acids we offer all of these cleaning supplies in Mississauga and would love to help you out.