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Benefits That Salons and Spas Can Derive From Sneeze Guards

The global pandemic has changed many different aspects of daily life. Workplaces and schools have had to make adjustments to reopen. Unfortunately, not all public buildings and businesses function in the same way. Adapting to this new environment has been especially challenging for companies that require proximity to people. Nowhere is this better reflected than in salons and spas. Many health authorities worldwide have been concerned about their reopening, and this concern has also spread to the clientele. Fortunately, significant challenges also give space for excellent solutions. A perfect example of this is plexiglass sneeze guards

How They Help

When salons and spas came under severe scrutiny by health authorities, it seemed that this industry could take a mortal blow. And while it has been a challenging time, reopening these establishments has also been a display of human ingenuity. Viruses are usually airborne. This poses a significant hazard for employees, as they are close to their customers. An excellent way to block these pathogens’ transmission is by minimizing the number of droplets that can flow between people. How do you do this? Installing plexiglass sneeze guards at service stations creates a protective barrier that will significantly reduce the possibility of exposure to pathogens. 

This may raise concerns about the costs of purchase and installation of these barriers. Due to the high demand, plexiglass sneeze guards now come at affordable prices and are easier to install. This means that you can provide a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and customers. 

The Importance of Social Distancing

There are other ways that you can ensure that your salon or spa is safe for everyone. The concept of social distancing is very recent, and people are just starting to get used to it. It’s always advisable to provide prompts that can help them. You may have seen them in grocery stores; social distancing floor stickers are a simple yet effective way to remind your customers and staff to keep at a safe distance from each other. A social distancing floor decal is easy to install and can be replaced if needed. 

Owning a salon or spa during these times has become challenging. Fortunately, there are many solutions to help you keep your doors open while protecting your staff and clients. If you are interested in learning how Roy Turk can help your business, contact us today.