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Avoid these Disinfectant Practices to Safeguard Your Business

If you want to keep your business safe, effective disinfectant practices are key. While there are many methods for sanitizing commercial spaces, some may do more harm than good to your staff and customers.

So what can you do to keep you and your employees germ-free? One way is to avoid the following six disinfectant practices that are often irresponsible. Basix neutral disinfectant cleaner can help once you’ve got these tips.

1. Power Washing with Chemicals

Power washing is a frequent solution for cleaning any commercial space, but it’s not the only one. Often, cleaning chemicals are used to power wash an area, leaving residue on surfaces and being extremely harmful to businesses – especially restaurants. Many of these products are corrosive, leaving behind chemical buildup that can make surfaces harmful to touch. Basix neutral disinfectant cleaner is a fantastic alternative.

2. Misusing Bleach

Bleach is a common product found in most businesses’ formulary. Still, it should not be used on every surface without first testing an area for color-fastness and fabric safety. Additionally, bleach can become ineffective if overused and dried into a surface that needs cleaning. That’s why you should use Basix neutral disinfectant cleaner.

3. Failing to Apply Disinfectant in Leisure Spaces

Leisure spaces are high-traffic areas that are often neglected when it comes to disinfecting product application after deep cleanings. These can include changing rooms, locker rooms, exercise studios, and more. Deep cleaning the space is not enough – disinfectants must be applied regularly before any harmful germs have the chance to settle and grow. Pine disinfectant cleaner can leave a pleasant smell once applied.

4. Skipping the Manual Wash Process

For areas where a disinfectant cannot be applied, such as gyms and restrooms that feature tile or stone finishes, manual washing is necessary to remove dirt and grime that could harbor disease-causing germs. Skipping this process is a big mistake and can lead to a buildup of bacteria. The disinfectant wipes can be a convenient solution for germ-laden surfaces, but certain precautions need to be taken when using these products. Inappropriate or excessive use of wipes can cause more harm than good by spreading the germs from surface to surface, leading to cross-contamination issues. Of course, if the surfaces are visibly contaminated with germs, you should go ahead and use disinfectant wipes to clean away the problem. Use pine disinfectant cleaner to get the job done with a great smell.

5. Using a Cleanser Without Protective Gloves

Many cleaning products carry caustic or corrosive properties that can cause severe skin irritation, but these cleaning agents become even more dangerous when washing hands without protective gloves. Always make sure to wear latex or nitrile gloves when handling any chemical-based disinfectant cleaners and follow the safety instructions listed on the product label.

6. Using a Cleanser on an Unidentified Surface

Some cleaning products come with warning labels that state they should not be used on surfaces such as marble, some types of plastic, or other sensitive materials. And while it may seem obvious, many people are still tempted to take a chance with using chemical-based disinfectant cleaners on non-recommended surfaces. This can be extremely dangerous because the caustic chemicals in these products could damage the surface they are being applied to. Always be sure to read the label carefully when you buy a disinfectant cleaner.

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