Gas powered pressure washer

Applications of Gas Pressure Washer

With a variety of attachments and settings to choose from, a gas powered pressure washer is a versatile tool that works in many different industries, for more tasks than you may realize. We have the right power washers to handle any job. Here’s how you can use them.

  • Cleaning Building Exteriors

The most common use for a power washer is cleaning the exteriors of buildings. Using a power washer saves time and makes cleaning dirt, debris, and stains off of building exteriors quick and efficient. An industrial power washer is a smart choice for commercial buildings, and works on many different surfaces including brick, siding, and concrete. You can also use the washer on residential buildings, as a service of a house cleaning or painting business.

  • Cleaning Machinery

Those in the manufacturing industry can use an electric powered pressure washer to keep warehouses and factories clean and safe. With the right attachments, the tools are ideal for cleaning machinery. The pressure is enough to get built up grease off of parts, but the right attachment is gentle enough to keep parts in place and intact. Keep floors and outdoor spaces clean can help to prevent injuries as well.

  • Washing Cars

Vehicles see a lot of action day to day, and power washers can help keep them looking brand new. Start with spraying the vehicle down with water only to clean off loose debris, then do a second round with detergent added. Power washers work with both cars, trucks, and SUVS, along with commercial vehicles, helping to decrease the effects of weather and regular driving.

  • Cleaning Outdoor Spaces

A gas powered pressure washer is your ideal tool if your job involves cleaning outdoor spaces for residential or commercial properties. Use yours to clean decks and porches between seasons without damaging the structure. A power washer with an extended arm is a smart solution for cleaning gutters and getting into hard to reach areas. Walkways, driveways, and other hard surfaces around the building can also easily be cleaned with water power.

  • Cleaning Public Spaces

Taking the ability to clean outdoor spaces one step further, power washers work perfectly for many public spaces. Use the washer to keep sidewalks and other hard surfaces clear of dirt and debris for a more pleasant experience. You’ll also have enough pressure to clean graffiti off of public buildings, and to keep statues and other structures clean.

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