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An Essential Checklist For Spring Cleaning

Spring is that time of the year many look forward to during the winter. However, it comes with an extra chore many don’t like getting involved in. For instance, after a long winter, many homes and offices will feel a little stale and sometimes disorganized. The windows and doors that have been shut for a while due to winter will need to be cleaned out. During Spring, it is typical for every household to perform spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a deep cleaning performed in areas of the home that has been neglected through the winter. It is different from regular cleaning and sanitation and may require extra janitorial supplies in Canada. Spring cleaning can be pretty tasking, so hiring a professional cleaning service is best. However, any homeowner who wants to do Spring cleaning themselves needs to make a spring cleaning checklist. This will enable them to perform their cleaning task seamlessly.

What Is The Importance Of A Spring Cleaning Checklist?

A Spring cleaning checklist is a list of tasks that need to be performed. It lists out all areas of the home that need to be cleaned. The purpose of creating a Spring checklist is to ensure that all places that need cleaning are cleaned up thoroughly. Different parts of a building may have different items to focus on during Spring cleaning. This determines what the Spring cleaning checklist for that area would look like and may require extra janitorial supplies in Canada. Here are some Spring cleaning checklists to consider.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Checklist

The bathroom is one of the key areas of the home or office to focus on during Spring cleaning. Although it is cleaned regularly, special attention must be given to it during Spring cleaning. It must be cleaned and sanitized adequately, as stated in the following example.

Bathroom Cabinets And Storage Spaces

  • Empty all cabinets and storage spaces
  • Clean all cabinets and storage spaces
  • Re-organize all cabinets and storage spaces

Toilets And Sink

  • Dust, clean, and sanitize toilets and sinks
  • Dust, clean, and sanitize the mirror
  • Clean garbage bin
  • Restock soaps and paper towels

Walls, Windows, And Floors

  • Spray and wipe thoroughly

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Checklist

The Spring cleaning kitchen checklist depends on the type and size of the kitchen. It also depends on whether the kitchen is residential or business. When cleaning the kitchen of big companies, the cleaner may need additional janitorial cleaning supplies compared to cleaning a small business kitchen or a residential kitchen. However, sometimes common things in a kitchen cleaning checklist include:

Floors And Windows

  • Thoroughly mop the floor
  • Wash windows

Appliances (microwave, food processors, teapots, etc.)

  • Spray and wipe thoroughly
  • Stoves and microwaves must be washed and scrubbed thoroughly

The Fridge

  • Empty all contents
  • Clean and sanitize
  • Restock with essentials

Storage Spaces

  • Remove all foodstuffs
  • Re-organize, keeping only what you need
  • Scrub clean the empty spaces

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